Cheap Airfare Secrets

Insider Travel Secrets

Pay Less for Airfare Now! Get as Much as 90% off Airline Ticket Purchases Using Insider Travel Secrets

Fight the Trend of Rising Airfare Prices by Learning Special Tips and Tactics to Get the Cheapest Fares

This guide will allow you to travel on any budget. “Insider Travel Secrets” was first released in 1994. 14 years later the professionals in the industry have updated it for your benefit. Learn more than you ever thought possible about air travel and getting the best deals.

  • Dramatically slash your travel costs from 50-90% off.
  • Travel in style with Valuable Upgrades.
  • Learn all the insider secrets that will save you thousands in the long run.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about traveling economically. Take advantage of all the discounts that are available. See how insider rates and perks can significantly reduce your overall ticket purchase. Never travel at over-priced rates ever again.

You Will Receive a Wealth of Knowledge

  • Find out how to get free airline tickets, airport parking and car rentals.
  • Identify the best times to use your travel reward points.
  • Discover easy ways to get your friends and family substantial discounts.
  • Learn how to use Priceline to your advantage to get the very best deals.
  • Become more aware of the tricks used to let you over-pay when using ticket agents and gate agents.
  • Learn how to get bumped from a flight to get useful upgrades and rewards.
  • Find out the exact days and time you should choose to get the best discounts available.
  • See why you should stop using travel magazines and shows as a means of travel information.
  • Learn how to identify discounts that are not advertised at all.
  • Learn to make use of coupon codes for as much as 70% off airfare, car rentals and hotels.
  • Find out about useful upgrade strategies, unadvertised deals and several tactics that will dramatically reduce your ticket price.
  • Discover an easy way to upgrade to first class while paying the same rate you would for an economy seat.
  • Learn the best months and seasons to travel to avoid inflated rates.
  • Find out how to use airline pricing errors to your advantage.
  • Find out how to obtain the best seats available.
  • Learn which airports you should try to avoid if possible.
  • Learn to use loopholes in the airline booking policies to get huge discounts.

Already people have realized the benefits that can be yours too from purchasing this incredibly informative guide.

“I saved $318 for my economy class ticket to Paris. Your book paid for itself several times over already.”

– Christine Jolancey of Worcester,MA

“Thanks again for exposing these secrets. I read constantly and have bought all the other travel books at the bookstores and online but they do not contain even 1/10 of what I have learned from you. I hope you don’t get in trouble for writing it. I have already saved $270 using just one strategy I had never heard of until I read your book!”

– Kay Henry, of Mt. Kisco, NY

For only 24.95Insider Travel Secrets” can be yours. Order now and receive 7 Free Bonus Language Books complete with common phrases, basic words and pronunciations.

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