GPS Maps for the Indian Himalayas, Sri Lanka, Maldives

Travelling to Ladakh, Sri Lanka, Oman, Maldives or Tibet?

Get the Maps that Will Guide the Adventure

Mercator’s Explorer and Adventure Maps Provide Clear Details That Will Make Touring the East a Fun and Safe Journey

After exploring some of the most exotic places in Asia. I learnt the hard way that with no readily available GPS signal and poorly drawn maps, exploration can be tedious. Luckily that doesn’t have to be your fate.

I’m Alfonso, I have lived in Sri Lanka for 10 years. I have had many adventures throughout Sri Lanka and other Asian territories. It was a shock to find that no decent road maps could be found anywhere. We’ve spent 4 years mapping Sri Lanka. There is simply no map currently available that will give you this much detail and accuracy. Even US military maps are completely wrong!

Our Map Collection Includes Detailed Maps of:

  • Sri Lanka
  • Ladakh Lahaul
  • The Maldives (Special section shows Resort Areas)
  • Spiti
  • Oman (soon to be completed)

Every map has its own GPS version too! These GPS maps are specially designed to make viewing in bright light conditions possible. Don’t make the mistake that many have made trying to use Google Earth satellite images. You will end up with an image that is hard to read and completely lacking in places.

There is virtually no other map like this on the market. Nothing out there is this precise or easy to use.

Each map set has the following features:

  • One overview map
  • Individual detailed maps that are compact enough to suit PDA or smartphone displays.
  • A collection of all maps in PDF format.

Experts in the field have already tried these comprehensive maps with only good things to say.

“Dear Alfonso, This is fantastic! Thanks very much indeed for this. I truly need it as I’m in the middle of preparing a new book on the Western Himalayas.

– Peter van Ham; German globetrotter, photographer and publisher. Specialist in the Indian Himalayas

Dear Alfonso, this is again amazing stuff. Thanks so much for all this. I am amazed that so much is known when so little maps are available. Would it be much of a problem for you to furnish a map of the entire area of my book? After what I’ve seen I could think of nobody better. I would, if I may, certainly forward these maps to the cartographer as references as this is the best I have seen so far and give you a truly deserved credit for your work in my book.”

– Vincent Stauffer; GERES – Country Director India / Hindu Kush Himalaya

The prices for the Mercator’s Explorer and Adventure Maps are ridiculously low! Order any GPS map now and get a FREE download of the PDF map set.

Purchase map sets for any one of these locations and see just how useful they will be in your upcoming travels.


  • Map Set (PDF format) US$ 24.95: 1 Overview Map, 4 Detailed Maps
  • GPS format (OZIExplorer)$US 44.95

Sri Lanka

  • General Road Map Set (PDF format) US$ 29.95:7 Combined Maps, 21 Combined Maps, 1 Tourist Map.
  • GPS-format (OziExplorer) US$ 49.95

Himachal Pradesh

  • Map Set (PDF format) US $24.95: 7 Detailed Maps, 1 Overview Map
  • GPS format (OziExplorer) US $44.95


  • Islands Map Set (PDF format) US$ 14.95: 9 detailed maps showing populated/unpopulated areas.
  • GPS-format (OziExplorer) US$ 34.95

Gps maps for Indian Himalayas, Sri Lanka, Maldives

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