Living in the Philippines

Philippine Dreams

Thinking of Moving to the Lush Islands of the Philippines? Then You Must Read This Tell-Tale Guide on Real Life in The Tropical Paradise!

Philippine Dreams is as Close as You Will Get to Learning a Bit About Living in the Islands as an Ex-pat.

Hi I am Perry Gamsby and I have lived in the Philippines for years. There are so many things you will not find out just by asking a vacationer. I’ve seen the wonders of a Filipino lifestyle. I’ve experienced the highs of Filipino fiesta and the lows of trying to shop at regular department stores. If you’ve ever wondered what daily life will be like, then this e-book is for you.

Many areas are closely examined from the unbiased eyes of people like myself who have lived here for years. Our team of contributors and fellow expats and have been through the important processes you will have to go through sooner or later. Forget the tourist brochures that can only tell you about the best beaches and restaurants. Here you will get insights on how to do business in the Philippines, approach legal matters and much more.

The content is written in a way that makes it easy and fun to read. You will learn new things while being thoroughly entertained. The stories will both thrill and shock you. Once you have finished reading this e-book you will acquire a deep appreciation for the islands and more realistic expectations.

What Will You Actually Learn?

  • The Truth about Life in the Philippines
  • How to Interact with the Filipino natives
  • The Cultural Differences, Shocks and Surprises

and much more…….

Already other readers are realizing just how great this e-book really is.

“Perry, this book is worth its weight in Gold!”

“Over the last 15 years, I have lived from the top to almost the bottom, talked with thousands of people about their experiences here and I have to say Philippine Dreams contains it all. Extremely informative and helpful and will save you money, time, and maybe a lot of heartache. If you are serious about the Philippines or just want to explore, get it now!”

– Don Herrington

“Just wanted to say I purchased Perry Gamsby’s e-book and can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. I have been to the Philippines twice and will venture to say that this book covers all bases. This book is a first hand guide from first hand experience. It is a must read for anyone planning on living or even just visiting the Philippines, from the 1st timer to the long term veteran. It doesn’t get any better then this.”

– Ben Bazy

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If you are not satisfied with this e-book after purchase return it immediately within 14 days for a full refund.

This informative e-book can be yours for the low price of US$29.99. Order today and discover all the truths revealed in this nifty guide.

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