Vanabode camp, travel and live forever on $20 a day

Would you like to camp, travel and live
anywhere in the United States  for $20 a day
while still earning money?

Vanadobe™ – how to happily camp, travel and live forever on $20 a day can show you how to start living the stress free easy way NOW!

For 15 years Jason Odomand his wife  have been travelling across America. They have lived a life many have dreamed of, few have ever tried. The Vanadobe represents the cumulation of everything they have learnt on the road. You will see how using the right strategies and equipment will make this dream a reality.

  • Travel all over the United States
  • Get Paid While Camping
  • Camp and Explore for Months
  • Live Comfortably on $20 a Day

You don’t need to have a lot of money to do this. You don’t need to blow your life savings to pay for this lifestyle. You don’t have to be retired to start living NOW! In fact, leave your boring old job behind and see what life has to offer.

If you have been desiring a change, this is an opportunity you cannot pass up. Leave the doldrums of everyday living. Get a new lease on life NOW!

Discover the Simple Truths Behind this System

  • Learn how to spend the minimum yet have a hot bath, a clean bed, delicious meals while experiencing fascinating adventures.
  • See how you can earn a substantial living with 30 legitimate flexible jobs that will pay your way without keeping you strapped down to any one location.
  • Partake in your favourite hobbies, eat healthier, visit new places and sleep better than you ever have.
  • Get a comprehensive list of more than 50,000 locations all over the United States that provide free lodgings.
  • Get paid to remain in one location for months while being paid to be there.
  • Learn the art of economizing yet living lavishly with fun, romance and adventure around every corner.
  • Find out where you may apply for jobs while camping. Thousands of postings are available.
  • Learn how to promote proper personal hygiene practices using hot showers and effective toilet strategies.
  • Learn to cook on the go. Prepare hot meals without fire, fuel or electricity. Indulge in the healthiest ingredients available including organic vegetables, fruits, artisan breads and cheeses.
  • Find out how to rid yourself of debt and remain debt free forever.

and so much more…..

“How many books have you ever bought that showed you how to get out of debt, travel AND find a job while doing it? This is crazy, but I’m on board now baby and loving it”

-Eileen Mathews in Detroit

“I was very skeptical. For example, how do you take a bath while traveling and living out of a van? (he calls his hybrid version Vanaboding) How do you cook? How do you use the bathroom? I bought the book and I have to admit, he does show you numerous, I repeat numerous, simple practical ways to do all of these and more. He tackles the hard stuff head on. I am very satisfied with my purchase of this book. Permission granted to print this”

– Abigail and Steve from Albany

Order Vanadobe – how to happily camp, travel and live forever on $20 a day now and pay only US $37 and receive 4 FREE items including:

  • Vanabode™ book updates
  • Compete access to the Vanabode Blog
  • Email contact with author, Jason Odom answering your questions
  • Annual Vanabode™ party invitation for all active travelers

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